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About Us

Welcome to the Intersex Children's Foundation of India!

We are a not-for-profit trust, committed to advocating for the rights and well-being of intersex children and their families in India. We recognize the unique challenges that intersex children and their families face and work to create a supportive environment that fosters understanding, respect, and empowerment.

About Us
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Our Vision

Our vision is to help create a world where intersex children grow up in an inclusive environment that respects their rights, dignity, and individuality. We envision a society where intersex children can thrive, free from discrimination, stigma, and the limitations often imposed by societal norms.

Our Mission

Create a compassionate support system for our intersex children to ensure their protection, holistic well-being, and dignified inclusion in the society

Vision & Commitment

Our Team

Our Team
Koushumi Chakraborti icfi
Koushumi Chakraborti
Co-founder and Director

Koushumi, the Co-founder and Director of the Intersex Children's Foundation of India, is a devoted advocate for the rights and well-being of intersex children. As a mother of an intersex child, her personal journey inspired the co-founding of the foundation, with a vision to establish a supportive and inclusive environment specifically tailored to the needs of intersex children. Motivated by her experience as a parent of an intersex child, Koushumi is deeply committed to creating awareness and fostering understanding about Intersex Variations in the context of childhood. Through the foundation, she aims to provide resources and support for families navigating similar journeys, emphasizing the importance of empathy, education, and advocacy for intersex children. In her capacity as the Director, Koushumi actively engages with various stakeholders, including medical professionals, government officials, and the broader community, to promote the rights of intersex children. Her focus is on creating a platform where the unique voices and needs of intersex children and their families are heard, respected, and supported. With over two decades of experience in the corporate world, Koushumi brings a wealth of organizational and leadership skills to her role. Her extensive professional background equips her with a strategic mindset and a nuanced understanding of navigating complex issues, which she channels toward advancing the foundation's mission. With a heart dedicated to inclusivity, Koushumi works towards building a future where intersex children can thrive without fear of discrimination or misunderstanding. Together with the foundation, she is committed to making a lasting impact on the lives of intersex children and their families in India.

Jayeeta Basu  icfi
Dr. Jayeeta Basu 
Co-founder and Director

Dr. Jayeeta Basu, the Co-founder and Director of the Intersex Children's Foundation of India, is a distinguished academician and a dedicated advocate for the rights and well-being of intersex children in India. With over 13 years of experience in academia, Dr. Basu holds the position of Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology at Maharani Kasiswari College in Kolkata. Her expertise lies in the field of Sociology of Gender, where she has contributed significantly to the understanding of social dynamics related to gender identity, roles, and norms. Dr. Basu's commitment to advancing knowledge in her field is reflected in her active membership in esteemed organizations such as the Indian Sociological Society and the International Sociological Association. These affiliations demonstrate her engagement with the global sociological community, showcasing her dedication to staying informed about the latest developments and contributing to the discourse on gender issues on an international scale. In addition to her academic pursuits, Dr. Basu's role at the Intersex Children’s Foundation of India underscores her commitment to social justice. Through her work with the foundation, she strives to create a more inclusive and accepting society for intersex individuals, challenging societal norms and advocating for policy changes that protect their rights and dignity. Dr. Basu's multifaceted contributions, spanning academia and activism, highlight her as a thought leader in the field of Sociology of Gender and a compassionate advocate for the rights of intersex individuals in India. Her work exemplifies a holistic approach that combines academic research with practical initiatives, making a positive impact on both the academic community and society at large.

Raman Chawla.jpg
Raman Chawla
Director - Advocacy and Policy Formulation

Raman has over 17 years' experience in policy formulation and advocacy. He has worked extensively in the areas of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Rights of Transgender People, Senior Citizens, and Children. For more than a decade, he led the campaign that led to enactment of HIV/AIDS bill in 2017. In his past stints he has worked with International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, SAATHII, The Humsafar Trust, Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation, Tata Trust, WHO, UNAIDS and Lawyers Collective. Raman's relationship with marginalized communities, various government departments and media channels will be invaluable in his role in the Intersex Childrens' Foundation of India.

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-29 at 18.48.50_45736635.jpg
Rahul Karmakar
Treasurer & Director Legal

Rahul Karmakar is a seasoned advocate with a thriving practice in the esteemed Calcutta High Court. Holding the crucial role of Treasurer at the Intersex Children's Foundation of India, he brings a wealth of legal expertise and a deep commitment to promoting the rights and well-being of intersex individuals. As Treasurer, Mr. Karmakar plays a pivotal role in managing the financial aspects of the foundation, ensuring transparency, accountability, and responsible stewardship of resources. His legal expertise, financial acumen and ethical approach contribute to the foundation's credibility and sustainability, enabling it to effectively pursue its mission. As a key member of the Intersex Children's Foundation of India, he plays a crucial role in advancing the foundation's mission and contributing to the broader cause of inclusivity and equality for intersex individuals in the legal realm and beyond. Beyond his legal practice, Mr. Karmakar's involvement with the foundation underscores his dedication to social causes. By taking on a leadership role, he actively contributes to the foundation's efforts in creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for intersex children in India. His commitment extends beyond legal advocacy, showcasing a holistic approach to addressing the unique challenges faced by the intersex community. In addition to his role as Treasurer, Mr. Karmakar's passion for social justice is evident in his collaboration with the foundation's initiatives. His legal expertise is a valuable asset in navigating the legal landscape to advocate for policy changes that protect the rights and dignity of intersex individuals.

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